This project is an attempt to represent the power of the collective while celebrating the individual. I explore the presence of a singular object and design a shared aesthetic across my work that connects each form as a cohesive group. To illustrate togetherness I chose to construct a strong form by interlocking individual elements to create my circular designs.

Attracted to the strength, tension and fragility of clay I intently produce multiples through the exploration of layers. From modest clay slabs, I sensitively build layers before arriving at my final form. Each component is unique and serves an important function within the larger arrangement. The construction of these circular forms relies on the chemical changes enacted during the firing process. I brush water between the layers and compress each strip to one another until the entire form is connected. After slowly drying the heat process transforms these once individual elements into a strong united structure.

I choose to work with clay because of the direct, hands-on approach it offers. At times I allow myself to be led by my material and welcome this evolving process. These forms hold a contemporary profile and are the result of a contest between maker and material for control. I found comfort in the repetitive nature of this making process and enjoyed watching each piece grow organically. Choosing to work with colour and stain my clay was a commitment that I am happy I made; this process only made the work feel more like my own. 


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